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Amazing Magic for Children

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Age Range 4-16




Balloon Modelling




Looking for a stress-free time? Hoping your child will have a magical afternoon? Be sure to get in touch with Mandy Magic!

Mandy has been entertaining the over fours for almost a decade and a half she knows just how to make an hour whizz by with magic that brings amazement and fun for all plus games with lots of prizes all included in the price! Whether a large hall or a tiny lounge, Mandy needs no more than space to stand her small table and room on the floor for the guests to sit.

From the excitement of seeing magical things to the fun of balloon twisting, each party is tailored to your needs, depending on age but the Birthday child always gets to create some small gifts for him or herself with the wave of a magic wand!

And for older children? Mandy Magic's Birthday workshops are ideal for ages from ten years and upwards even adults! Mandy is internationally known in the magic world for creating and organising eleven years of monthly workshops for the Junior section of the most prestigious magic society in the world, The Magic Circle. So she certainly knows how to ensure that everyone attending will learn a new skill and have a great time too!

Mandy's workshops will teach a group how to do rope magic, card magic and even how to make a balloon animal! Each participant also receives a certificate to remind them of the Magician's Oath for secrecy and practice. All that plus a twenty minute close up magic show plus all the materials for everyone to learn these skills and you have a very exciting but very different entertainment!

Mandy Davis, her full name, is a Member of The Inner Magic Circle, with Gold Star for performance, and a member of Actors' Equity.